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New Year's Eve in Seattle 2013

Seattle is the largest city in Washington state, even in the entire Pacific Northwest, and is the place 594, 210 people call their home. A vibrant port city, the 'Rainy City' is famous in popular culture for its music, and traces its roots to around 1853. New Year's Eve in Seattle 2013 celebrations will certainly delight and entertain visitors of all tastes and interests.

Seattle's cityscape is tightly packed and includes a panoramic waterfront, whereas the Space Needle, a futuristic construction built in 1962 for the Century 21 exposition, is the most characteristic feature of its skyline. Another contemporary landmark well worth a look is the Seattle Central Library, designed by OMA and comprised of irregular geometric shapes. Take a ride on the Seattle Center Monorail, a single rail train built in 1962, offering a glimpse of the city from a different perspective. Besides, Seattle is also world famous for being a the birthplace of many world famous bands and musicians, from grunge bands like Nirvana, to rap celebrities such as Sir Mix-a Lot, which is why New Year's Eve  2013 is the perfect time to listen to the newest in alternative music while celebrating in one of the city's many clubs and concert venues.