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New Year's Eve in Chesapeake 2013

In terms of land area, Chesapeake is the largest city in Virginia, located in the Hampton metropolitan area. It houses approximately 219, 154 inhabitants and is the third most populous city in the state. New Year's Eve in Chesapeake 2013 is bound to be an absolutely thrilling time for nature lovers the world over, and anyone looking for a romantic midwinter getaway.

One of the most attractive areas of Chesapeake city is actually a nature preserve, scenic Lake Drummond and the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, where you can enjoy unspoiled nature and perhaps even catch a glimpse of protected wildlife species. When you visit for New Year's Eve 2013, take a boat down the Dismal Swamp Canal, built around 230 years ago, which is considered the oldest continuously used man made canal in the United States. The Chesapeake Arboretum is yet another important point of interest for tourists, preserving rare and beautiful tree species from around the region.