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New Year’s Eve in Mesquite Texas in 2013/2014 – at home in the welcoming Texas

Situated in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, Mesquite is a city in Dallas County, with a last recorded population of almost 140,000, which makes it the 18th most populated town in Texas. It was founded in 1878 along the Texas-Pacific line. With numerous attractions in the nearby surroundings, the New Year’s Eve in Mesquite Texas in 2013/2014 can definitely be a first-rate experience.

Mesquite is the gateway not only to plenty of Texas-style entertainment but also to nearby Dallas and Fort Worth attractions. The Mesquite Arts Centre, home to a vast array of cultural events, the Rodeo City Music Hall, with music performances in the Texas style – a mixture of country, rock ’n roll and gospel, or the Florence Ranch Homestead, a fine example of late19th century Texas architecture, are some local attractions, sure to catch the eye of visitors spending their New Year’s Eve in Mesquite Texas in 2013/2014. Beautiful farms set in pristine natural surroundings, but also exquisite shops and the typical flavours of the Mexican cuisine are a warm invitation to a perfect holiday.