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New Year's Eve in Buffalo 2013

Buffalo is a city in upstate New York, spread out on the eastern shores of Lake Erie, at the beginning of the Niagara river. It is the second largest city in the state with a known population of 272, 632 residents and traces its roots back to around 1789. New Year's Eve in Buffalo 2013 will attract visitors from nearby Canada and beyond with its relaxed atmosphere, low retail prices and bountiful entertainment options.

A youthful city full of university students, Buffalo abounds in vibrant nightlife and entertainment options for New Year's Eve 2013. One of the focal points of the festivities is bound to be Elmwood Village - a friendly pedestrian neighborhood bustling with innumerable small, locally owned restaurants, shops, cafes and boutiques. The city is famous for its diversity and the consequent abundance of cuisines from around the world. The multitudes of great local music acts in the many venues also contribute to the high spirits of the celebration.