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New Year's Eve in Miami 2013

The most populous city in Florida, Miami is home to about 409, 719 residents. Also known as 'America's cleanest city', it is located on the southern Atlantic coast of the U.S. and is a major economic and entertainment center. If you want a city break in the middle of winter, New Year's Eve in Miami 2013 is the time and place to experience the vibrant lifestyle of this fashionable, ethnically diverse metropolis.

Tourism is one of the city's most important industries. The Port of Miami is the busiest cruise ship destination in the world and a tempting entry point for many of the thousands of visitors during the mid-winter holidays. New Year's Eve 2013 is the perfect time to take pleasure in the city's skyline ranked the 3rd most impressive in the U.S. as it is set aglow by the colorful fireworks display. For a glamorous experience, be sure to visit the historical Art Deco district in South Beach, with its bonanza of world-famous nightclubs and exclusive restaurants and shops. In Miami, you can celebrate New Year's Eve 2013 cocooned in luxury while enjoying the best of culture and entertainment.