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New Year's Eve in Connecticut 2013

The state of Connecticut is located in the New England region of the northeastern part of United States. With its many forest-clad hills, untouched beaches and harbors, and its village greens surrounded by houses centuries of years old, Connecticut represents a special blend of modern urban life, rustic landscape, and historic sites that captivates both tourists and locals. It is considered as amongst the wealthiest and most developed parts of the United States. The wealth and development it has attained over the years, is precisely reflected in the way in which it celebrates New Year’s Eve 2013.

Connecticut organizes some of the most amazing and splendid New Year Eve’s celebrations in United States. Large numbers of parties are organized all over the state, in clubs, hotels, and discotheques. Also, various other programs such as live cultural programs, music concerts, magic shows, stand up shows, etc. are organized in which prominent magicians, music bands, rock bands, dance troupes, and various other artists of Connecticut as well as other places come, participate, and give entertaining performances. The whole of Connecticut remains in a total celebration mood during New Year’s Eve.