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Dance the night away on New Year’s Eve 2012/2013 in Westminster

Whenever people hear “Westminster” they mostly think of the Westminster is Central London. But think again! You’ll find there is also an exquisite Westminster in Jefferson County, Colorado! The city is located 9 miles from Colorado with a population of just under 110,000. And the city has just celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2011, so the people of Westminster know all about partying! See for yourself and check out the events and entertainment for New Year’s Eve 2012/2013.

A great place to visit is Westminster Castle or also known as Westminster University. It was constructed in 1891 and is known as “The Princeton of the West”. The huge building is built is the style of an old castle and overlooks Denver from the hills. There is also a wonderful “lifestyle center” called the Orchard Town Center which is always hustling and bustling with people. But Westminster doesn’t stop there, so get your pen and paper out and start planning your New Year’s Eve in Westminster!