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New Year's Eve in San Diego 2013

With a population of 1, 266, 731, San Diego is the eighth most populous city in the United States. Located in South California, on the coast of the Pacific ocean, this beautiful city enjoys a fabulous Mediterranean climate. The city was incorporated in 1850 and boasts a lively historical downtown. Experiencing New Year's Eve in San Diego 2013 will leave a lasting, warm memory etched in your heart.

In the last day of the year, you can explore San Diego's geography of canyons, mesas and natural parkland. The elegant skyline of the city gives ample opportunities to observe the sky, highlighted by the exuberant fireworks in honor of the festivities. Even at night, the safe streets of this metropolis make it possible to visit areas such as Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, which reflect its Mexican heritage. The bars, restaurants and clubs reflect the city's ethnic diversity. On New Year's Eve tourists and locals alike revel in celebratory mood of the moment. Visit San Diego for New Year's Eve 2013 - you will enjoy your stay and want to come back for more!