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New Year’s Eve in Fullerton California in 2014 – the place where education makes a difference

Founded in 1887 by George and Edward Amerige, Fullerton is a city in northern Orange County California, with a last recorded population of over 135,000. Once a centre of agriculture, famous for its groves of oranges and other citrus crops, it is now a modern town with flourishing education and culture. The New Year’s Eve in Fullerton California in 2014 is therefore an experience worth trying.

Today, visitors to Fullerton will find a unique mix of retail shops, restaurants, cultural attractions and lots more. From the natural beauty of Fullerton Arboretum to the historic Muckenthaler Cultural Centre, the city is home to some of Orange County’s most unique attractions. Among other things the New Year’s Eve in Fullerton California in 2014 is also a great opportunity for tourists to enjoy the historic downtown Fullerton. Excellent boutique shopping, dozens of unique restaurants, the Fullerton Museum, the Leo Fender Gallery and the weekly Fullerton Market are sure to provide fun events for the whole family.