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New Year’s Eve in Corona California in 2014 – welcome to Crown City

With a population of about 160,000, Corona is a large city in Riverside County California, bordered by Chino Hills to the northwest and Yorba Linda and the Cleveland National forest to the southwest.  Once claiming to be the “Lemon Capital of the World”, today it is sure to offer tourists spending the New Year’s Eve in Corona California in 2014 unforgettable moments and experiences.

Corona is a city whose heritage spans more than a century. This can be discovered by tourists choosing to spend their New Year’s Eve in Corona California in 2014 in the local Heritage Park and Museum. Other notable attractions feature  the Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa, a tropical garden spa getaway, Tom’s farms, offering great weekend breaks with delicious food and wonderful facilities for all family members, and  Skull Canyon Zipline, a paradise for nature lovers, with trekking opportunities and zipline riding in superb mountainous surroundings. On top of it all, Mike Raahauge Shooting Range provides great shooting options for those looking for a nice place to practise their hobby.