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New Year's Eve in Alaska 2014

Located in the extreme northwest of the North American continent, the state of Alaska is not only a United States exclave, but also the largest and the least densely populated state. The capital city is Juneau and Anchorage is the largest city. Visitors to Alaska in winter usually have a chance of catching a glimpse of the famous Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis, the dancing fluorescent ribbons that light up the night sky in the Arctic. On New Year’s Eve 2014 cruises in Alaska would take you through new avenues of Alaskan beauty.

The best part of spending your New Year’s Eve in Alaska is the trip to the most untouched places on earth through water. Exquisite ports and places only accessible via air or water roads can be seen from a closer point. The breathtaking view of glaciers sitting right amongst the cozy surroundings of a cruise is a serene way to welcome the year 2014.