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Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Mobile Alabama in 2014

Mobile is located at the head of Mobile Bay and the north-central Golf Coast of the United States. With a population within the city limits of over 195,000 people, Mobile is the third most populous city in the State of Alabama. The first capital of colonial French Louisiana, it is certain to offer exquisite entertainment to tourists choosing to spend the New Year’s Eve in Mobile Alabama in 2014.

Famous as one of the Golf Coast’s cultural centres, Mobile Alabama has a host of places and events to boast. The town features unique attractions, such as the Mobile Carnival Museum with memorabilia of the oldest Mardi Gras history in the USA, a superb botanical garden with an impressive collection of evergreen and native azaleas, as well as splendid architectural monuments in Greek Revival, Gothic revival or Creole Cottage. Highly popular concert venues, numerous art galleries and a lively theatrical activity will contribute to a dense cultural experience of the New Year’s Eve in Mobile Alabama in 2013.