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New Year's Eve in Sheffield 2013/ 2013 - celebrating in the city of steel

Located in South Yorkshire and having gained its reputation as one of the world's top steel producers and inventor of stainless steel, Sheffield, with its population of over 500,000 inhabitants, is part of the English Core Cities Group and one of the most developed British cities. It is certainly a most welcoming place for tourists wishing to spend the New Year's Eve in Sheffield 2012/ 2013.

An officially recognized example of a city having managed to make the most out of its urban space, probably also due to its position as the greenest city in Europe, Sheffield is at its best when it comes to entertainment, too. If planning to spend the New Year's Eve in Sheffield in 2012/ 2013, get ready to explore the city's busy venues in Leopold Square, but also the famous Old Queen's Head, the oldest pub in the city, or the high-profile clubs deeply indebted to famous artists who began there career here, with Def Leopard or Joe Cocker at the top of the list. Gourmands, on the other hand, are sure to fall in love with the Kashmiri cuisine, one of the main gastronomic attractions of the city. So, if you happen to be in the area, Sheffield is the place for you!