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New Year's Eve in Leeds in 2013/ 2013 - turn of the year in Yorkshire

Set at the heart of West Yorkshire, with an entire city population of about 770,000 people, Leeds is not only the main cultural, financial and commercial city in the area, but it is also the largest centre for business and financial services outside London. With a rich history, vast culture and busy city life, celebrating the New Year's Eve in Leeds in 2012/ 2013 is a major challenge.

Within easy reach by car, by train or by air, Leeds is an ever-expanding city, which has turned into a major attraction for tourists both from the UK and the overseas. The New Year's Eve in Leeds will be an extremely rewarding experience, due to the city's multiple attractions - beautiful modern and old architecture, the famous Millennium Square-the place of most major festivities in town, Victoria Garden or Leeds Cathedral, as well as numerous high-class hotels, venues for live music of the full range, and restaurants catering for all types of food lovers. That is why spending the New Year's Eve in Leeds in 2012/ 2013 is not to be overlooked.