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New Year's Eve in Dudley in 2013/ 2013 - turn of the year at the heart of the Black Country

Part of the West Midlands Conurbation, Dudley has a population of almost 195,000 people and is the administrative centre of the Metropolitan Borough of Dudley. Spending the New Year's Eve in Dudley in 2012/ 2013, the largest town of the Black Country is bound to leave an everlasting impression on the visitors.

With the difficult times during the Industrial Revolution and World War II now a thing of the past, the tourists coming to spend the New Year's Eve in Dudley in 2012/ 2013 will have the opportunity to celebrate in the marvelous town centre. The place is now a mixture of old and modern buildings, some dating back as far as the 18th century. The Castle Hill area is another highly entertaining place, quite an attraction for tourists. One of Dudley's major places of interest, however, consists of its numerous canals, extremely popular with walkers, cyclists and narrowboat users, as well as Wren's Nest National Nature Reserve, a unique splendour in the whole of British Isles and, undoubtedly, a special treat for worldwide tourists.