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New Year's Eve in Colwyn Bay in 2013/2013 - the place with magic sunsets

Colwyn Bay, with a recorded population of almost 30,000 residents, is a town and seaside resort located in Conwy county, on the North Wales coast. Since A55 road passes through the town, it is easily accessible for tourists who want to enjoy a pleasant break in the area. With attractions designed for all tastes and budgets, the New Year's Eve in Colwyn Bay in 2012/2013 is a real option.

The place abounds in places of interest and facilities. Overwhelmingly rich in parks, gardens and places of astounding natural beauty, it is an ideal choice for relaxation away from the bustling city life. The Victoria Pier, the Welsh Mountain Zoo, as well as the fascinating historic sites on the western side of the bay, associated with St. Trillo and the legendary local hero Ednyfed Fychan, offer superb moments of enjoyment for all ages. The New Year's Eve in Colwyn Bay in 2012/2013 will be successfully completed by the well-run hotels and the flourishing commercial centre with a choice of souvenirs for all tastes.