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New Year's Eve in Bridgend in 2013/2013 - at the heart of South Wales music scene

Only 35 km west of the capital, Cardiff, Bridgend is a town in the county borough of Bridgend in Wales, with a population close to 40,000 inhabitants. Historically a part of Glamorgan, the town of Bridgend lies on the banks of River Ogmore, which is crossed by the original bridge that gave the town its name and is now a major attraction for the New Year's Eve in Bridgend in 2012/2013.

Overwhelmingly rich in heritage and history, the town is dominated by the remains of the Norman Castle of Newcastle and the oldest part of the town, with a cluster of tiny cottages and houses. The narrow, pedestrian only streets are home to a host of exquisite shops, which make the place a bustling shopper's paradise for old and new. To the delight of tourists spending the New Year's Eve in Bridgend in 2012/2013 the place is home to numerous restaurants and public houses, as well as to a range of music venues, like The New Angel Inn, a former inn for pilgrims, with a rich offer of music acts sure to please connoisseurs and not only.