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Wales, your country for the New Year of 2013

The Welsh spirit is the country’s defining feature. Wales, with a population of around 3 million, is a vibrant place where history is alive and Welsh culture finds new forms of expression. The mix of defiant tradition and New-World sophistication is one of Wales’ greatest assets and it is therefore the best place to spend your New Year’s Eve 2013! Although Wales shares a close political and social history with the rest of Great Britain, it has retained a distinct cultural identity. So party into the year of 2013 Welsh style!

The Welsh and English languages are both spoken in Wales - although English is the predominant language - so you will be able to tour villages and cities with tongue-twisting welsh names before settling down into a lively pub or restaurant. The Welsh capital and largest city is Cardiff. Other larger cities in Wales are also Newport and Swansea. But wherever you decide to go for your New Year 2013, Wales will offer you beautiful scenery, thriving cities mixed with a good portion of Welsh culture.  So explore the gourmet kitchens, hip bars and award winning theatres either in one of the bigger cities or in the smaller villages and make your New Year in Wales into an unforgettable experience.