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New Year's Eve in Gloucester in 2013/ 2013 - a journey into history

Located close to the Welsh border, on the eastern bank of the river Severn, Gloucester is a city and county town of Gloucestershire in the South West of England, with a population close to 125,000 residents. Ever since it was founded, in AD 96 by the Roman emperor Nerva, the place has gained in beauty and importance, which makes it a rewarding break to tourists coming to spend the New Year's Eve in Gloucester in 2012/ 2013.

Due to its long and rich history, there are numerous points of attraction in Gloucester, starting from the Roman remains, which can be seen through a glass case on the street, the south gate of the city together with many other medieval and Tudor half-timbered houses, and culminating with the Gloucester Cathedral. What makes it special to tourists spending the New Year's Eve in Gloucester in 2012/ 2013 is not only that it is the burial place of King Edward II of England, but also, much to the delight of Harry Potter lovers, the fact that its cloisters were used for the filming of the corridor scenes in the Harry Potter series. With plenty of modern architecture on the other hand, busy supermarkets, numerous leisure centres and entertainment venues, Gloucester is ready to welcome its tourists for the turn of the year 2012/ 2013.