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New Year's Eve in Southampton in 2013/ 2013 - the port that saw the Titanic leave

One of England's major ports as well as one of the largest commercial ports in Europe, Southampton, with a population of almost 230,000 people, is the largest city in Hampshire on the south coast of England. Tourists who love the story of the Titanic will definitely be anxious to spend the New Year's Eve in Southampton in 2012/ 2013.

Voted second best place to live in behind London by women and seventh by men, Southampton, the place associated with the largest cruise ships in the world, will largely impress visitors coming to spend the New Year's Eve here. There are magnificent sights and opportunities it has to offer. It is home to the longest surviving stretch of medieval walls in England, the Tudor House museum or the Southampton Maritime Museum. It also boasts a lively flourishing nightlife which has seen perform Pink Floyd or David Bowie in fashionable venues catering for all tastes - large ones like the Mayflower Theatre or the Guildhall, smaller club-circuit like Hamptons or public houses, like The Dolphin or The Blue Keys. With cosy restaurants and elegant hotels, New Year's Eve in Southampton in 2012/ 2013 will be a magic celebration.