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New Year's Eve in Kirkwall 2013/2013 - off to the Orkney islands

The largest town and capital of Orkney, off the coast of northern mainland Scotland, the town of Kirkwall was first mentioned in the 1046 Orkneyinga saga. With a population of around 8,600 residents, it is still indicated on modern road signs as 'The City and Royal Burgh of Kirkwall'. The New Year's Eve in Kirkwall 2012/2013 will be a truly fascinating experience for the daring visitors.

The town is literally steeped in history, with quite impressive buildings and monuments showing up at every step. St. Magnus Cathedral, built somewhere in the 12th century, the ruins of the former Bishop's Palace, and the numerous 18th-19th century houses and structures, make this the ideal hub to have a special party for the New Year's Eve in Kirkwall 2012/2013. Also well worth mentioning are the church of Saint Olaf of Norway, the true 'Kirk' of Kirkwall and the two museums containing Scotland's best-preserved 16th century town-houses, but also prehistoric, Pictish and Viking collections of international importance.