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New Year's Eve in Glasgow 2013/2013 - a mixture of beauty and prosperity

Situated on the River Clyde in the country's west central lowlands, Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and the third most populous in the United Kingdom, with a population of the city itself of over 580,000 residents. Formerly known as the 'Second City of the British Empire', the New Year's Eve in Glasgow 2012/2013 will be an absolutely exciting experience.

Having grown from the medieval Bishopric of Glasgow and the later University of Glasgow in the 15th century, the city is now one of the most prominent in the kingdom, with an impressive life standard due to the numerous leading businesses in it. Quite notable for its architecture, designed by the Glasgow School and represented by such outstanding buildings like the Glasgow School of Art or the Queen's Cross Church, the New Year's Eve in Glasgow 2012/2013 will be a truly unforgettable break. The numerous theatres and cultural venues along with the up-market retailers in the city centre are there to add the final touch to a simply perfect stay.