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The best New Year’s Eve celebrations for 2012/2013 in Edinburgh’s Hogmanay

Join in with the biggest “Hogmanay” New Year’s Eve 2012/2013 party that Edinburgh has to offer

Hogmanay is the Scottish word for the last day of the year. Every year the biggest Hogmanay party is held in the streets of Edinburgh. And this year’s party will be one of the biggest ever! Thousands of people will be dancing into the New Year accompanied by music from various stages and tents. There will also be massive screens and loads of food and drink to see you through the night. Get prepared for the grand finally, when numerous fireworks light the sky in beautiful colors and the Scotts sing their traditional song of “Old Lang Syne” with their arms locked together at midnight. As the event has got bigger and bigger, you’ll need a street pass to be able to join in. So get your ticket now for the unique New Year’s Eve “Hogmanay” celebration in Edinburgh for 2012/2013!

Price: £ 15

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay 2012/2013
Monday, December the 31st 2012; start: 9 pm

Edinburgh City Center

Edinburgh City Center
EH 11 QS Edinburgh

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