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New Year's Eve in Clydebank 2013/2013 - on the River Clyde

With a population of almost 30,000 residents, Clydebank is a police burgh in West Dunbartonshire, in the Central Lowlands of Scotland. Located on the north bank of the River Clyde, it borders several other towns and is part of the registration county of Dumbarton. The New Year's Eve in Clydebank 2012/2013 will be a time of party and celebration in the proximity of Glasgow's attractions.

Allegedly part of the Glasgow City Metropolitan area, the New Year's Eve in Clydebank 2012/2013 will benefit from all the magic of the big city nearby. Besides the undeniable charm of well-known local landmarks, like the 12th century Old Kilpatrick or parts of the Antonine Wall, designated a World Heritage Site, there are numerous other attractions for a truly successful New Year's party. A host of elegant restaurants catering for all tastes, up-market clubs with a diverse selection of music, or the wide range of shops with a fine selection of souvenirs, offer everything it takes for a great time.