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New Year's Eve in Aberdeen 2013/2013 - the Silver City with the Golden Sands

With an officially recorded population of about 211,000 residents, Aberdeen is Scotland's third most populous city. Major port at the North Sea, one of the busiest heliports in the world and nicknamed Oil Capital of Europe since the discovery of North Sea oil, celebrating the New Year's Eve in Aberdeen 2012/2013 is bound to be a time of pure thrill and excitement for all tourists.

Besides being one of the fastest-growing and most stable economies in the UK, Aberdeen is also the place where a glorious past combines with its inhabitants' innate fun-loving nature to make the place a true haven for tourists. Also known as the Granite City due to its Victorian use of granite in its architecture, Aberdeen also has splendid buildings and prominent public statues. Outstanding parks and gardens offer unique walks to tourists enjoying the New Year's Eve in Aberdeen 2012/2013. Traditional shopping streets like Union Street and George Street also bring their contribution to an exciting and jolly celebration.