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New Year's Eve in Blackpool in 2013/ 2013 - celebrating in the UK's leading seaside resort

Located northwest of Preston, along England's west coast by the Irish Sea, between the Ribble and Wyre estuaries, Blackpool is a seaside town and unitary authority area of Lancashire in North West England, with a population of 142,900 residents. Spending the New Year's Eve in Blackpool in 2012/ 2013 will offer revelers the opportunity of exploring one of the leading and most fashionable seaside resorts in Britain.

People started coming to Blackpool once the practice of sea bathing to cure diseases gained more and more adepts, which is why the first hotels appeared here as soon as the early 19th century. Some of them are a point of attraction to tourists these days and they can be seen at the corner of Victoria Street and Bank Hey Street. Whereas people coming to spend the New Year's Eve in Blackpool in 2012/ 2013 will have to face the challenge of choosing their accommodation from an overwhelming number of hotels and guesthouses (more numerous than in the whole of Portugal - it appears), they will also have countless attractions to enjoy during their stay. The Blackpool Tower, inspired by the Eiffel Tower, is a dominant landmark, with plenty of leisure facilities, entertainment venues and world famous restaurants in its vicinity. Similarly, the Winter Gardens, the three piers and the town's unique lighting are bound to leave a lasting impression on all visitors.