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Greater London, the best place for your New Year 2013

Greater London spans the City of London and the 32 London boroughs. The region has by far the highest GVA per capita in the United Kingdom. It covers 1,572 km2 (607 sq mi) and has an estimated population of around 8 million. London is one of the great "world cities," and remains a global capital of culture, fashion, finance, politics and trade. It is the number one spot in the UK if you want to celebrate the New Year of 2013. The City of London has tones of sites to offer like The Tower of London, London Bridge, Westminster Abbey, The Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace or Covent Garden, just to name a few. But besides these buildings it is worthwhile visiting various districts in London that have a special cultural and functional background like Chinatown, Soho or Nottinghill. But a trip out of Central London to the outer boroughs will also turn your New Year’s Eve into a special night. There are plenty of places on the outskirts of Greater London such as Wimbledon, Richmond or Buckinghamshire that will have their fireworks blazing  on the 31st of December.

For many years, people celebrating the start of a New Year have gathered in Trafalgar Square although there isn’t really an official event on the square, partly because the authorities were concerned that actively encouraging more partygoers would cause overcrowding. Since 2005, a firework display centered on London Eye and the South Bank of the Thames has been provided which fills the London sky with thousands of lights and colors. The Nightlife is an integral part of the London life, anyway and there are countless nightclubs in and around Central London with music to suit even the most eclectic of tastes. On New Year’s Eve 2013 every bar, club and theatre will have special offers and special entertainment to make your night a night to remember. So check out all the offers to make your New Year perfect.