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New Year's Eve in Peterborough in 2013/ 2013 - amazing sites in the East of England

Located in the county of Cambridgeshire, in the East of England, in flat, low-lying surroundings, Peterborough is a well-known cathedral city with an estimated population of 164,000 people. A fast-spreading area but with deep historical roots, the town is quite a welcoming place, offering a wide range of opportunities to tourists coming to spend the New Year's Eve in Peterborough in 2012/ 2013.

Home to the Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery, the Longthorpe Tower, but mainly to the Peterborough Cathedral, famous for its imposing and unique early English Gothic and bearing the distinction of having two queens buried beneath its paving, Peterborough is a place steeped in history, which would make the delight of any tourist choosing to be here for the New Year's Eve in Peterborough in 2012/ 2013. Besides, the place also boasts a very busy music and art scene, with high-class venues, such as the Edwards bar chain or The Cresset in Bretton. On top of this all, Peterborough is the in place for food lovers, due to the diverse range of restaurants throughout the town, these including Chinese, Indian, Thai, but also Italian cuisine, as the town hosts the largest group of Italian settlers in Britain.