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New Year's Eve in Cambridge/ Milton in 2013/ 2013 - a taste of a university town

Located in East Anglia, the city of Cambridge is the administrative centre of the county of Cambridgeshire, with a population of almost 110,000 people, including about 22,000 students, while Milton, with its 4,000 inhabitants, is a small village lying just north of Cambridge. Boasting a bustling university life and remarkable landmarks, the New Year's Eve in Cambridge/ Milton in 2012/ 2013 will be a momentous experience.

With university life having started as early as 1209, Cambridge is quite as famous and as revered as Oxford, acting as a Mecca for learned people everywhere, but also for students willing to experience true learning in an almost sacred environment. Tourists coming for the New Year's Eve in Cambridge/ Milton in 2012/ 2013 will marvel at the breathtaking splendour of the city centre, where many buildings, such as King's College or Trinity College, are affiliated to the University, but at the same time they are some of the most distinctive buildings in town. Due to its cheerful university life, Cambridge also has a very active music scene – Pink Floyd began their career here, so there are numerous exclusive clubs and restaurants catering for all tastes. With numerous and varied attractions, like the Milton Brewery or the Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge makes it really difficult to have a dull perspective on life.