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New Year's Eve in Soweto in 2013/2013

With a population of 1,300,000 residents, Soweto is a lower middle class populated urban area of the city of Johannesburg in South Africa. Its name is an abbreviation for South Western Townships, as it formerly was a separate municipality. The New Year's Eve in Soweto in 2012/2013 will offer the chance of exploring a place with a long history while in the vicinity of a large and bustling metropolis.

A must-see for tourists looking for more than sun, sea and the big five, Soweto is a place with impressive heritage sites, friendly restaurants and budget accommodation. There are also museums and monuments, telling the story of the place, well worth a visit, like the Hector Pietersen Museum, the Nelson Mandela National Museum or the Regina Mundi church. Apart from these, the area is sure to leave a long-lasting impression on tourists coming to celebrate the New Year's Eve in Soweto in 2012/2013 thanks to a large number of venues offering a relaxed atmosphere and pleasant music in a place of friendship, vibrancy and contrasts.