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Raise your glasses to the New Year of 2013 in Gauteng

Stretching all the way from Pretoria in the north to Vereeniging in the south, Gauteng was created by the African National Congress (the governing political party)  in 1994 after the country’s first all-race elections. With only 1.4% of South Africa's land area, the tiny province of Gauteng is the most prosperous region, contributing 33% to the national economy and a phenomenal 10% to the gross national income  (GNP) of the entire African continent. Its population is estimated at around 9 million people, who form a vibrant mix of energy and diversity, which also has made it the entertainment epicenter of South Africa. This province may be the most exciting region in the whole of South Africa with Johannesburg and the City of Pretoria forming the urban heart of this area. You couldn’t ask for a better place to party into the New Year of 2013. The rapid growth and development of this region is a perfect reflection of the incoming new year with all its new experiences. Where else could you celebrate this festivity? 

The province of Gauteng blends cultures, colours and first and third-world traditions in a spirited mix, flavoured by a number of foreign influences. The world's languages can be heard on the streets and in offices, from English to Mandarin, Swahili, Afrikaans, French, German and more. So you’ll be overwhelmed by the diversity and sheer colourfulness of this region, not only when you look up in the sky to marvel at the bright rockets and fireworks on New Year’s Eve. . The Johannesburg Metro and the City of Pretoria - the two major cities in Gauteng are diametrically opposed. Pretoria provides a more laid-back, gentrified alternative to Johannesburg with wide streets and lovely old buildings. Johannesburg on the other hand is a fast and high speed city, with an ever increasing skyline, that will be sparkling with lights on New Year’s Eve. But whatever your choice may be – even if you decide to stay in one of the numerous smaller cities – you won’t have experienced anything like this wonderful province. You’ll see Indian bazaars and African medicine shops, busy streets throng with fruit sellers and street vendors. An exciting blend of ethnic and western art and cultural activities is reflected in theatres and open-air arenas throughout the cities and towns, so that you won’t want the New Year’s Eve to end!