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Welcome the New Year 2013 in Oshawa

Why not spend your New Year’s Eve in Oshawa in Southern Ontario? The name Oshawa originates from the Ojibwa term aazhaway, meaning "the crossing place" or just "(a)cross". This name is due to the fact that Oshawa is commonly viewed as the eastern anchor of both the Greater Toronto Area and the Golden Horseshoe, and is commonly referred to as the most eastern part of the Toronto Area. The population size of 150,000 may not be that big for a city, but Oshawa still has lots to offer.

There are a fair amount of cafes, bars and theatres in Oshawa which will have special offers on New Year’s Eve, so you’ll be able to take part in great local entertainment, fireworks and food. Be a part of this wonderful little town for your New Year and enjoy the hospitality of the inhabitants. So take a look at what “the crossing place” has going on in the way of entertainment on New Year’s Eve 2013. We promise you won’t be disappointed.