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Nova Scotia, the place to be on New Year’s Eve 2013

Nova Scotia (in Latin: New Scotland) is one of Canada's three Maritime provinces and is the most populous province of the four in Atlantic Canada, although it is the second smallest in area. Located almost exactly halfway between the Equator and the North Pole its provincial capital is Halifax. Nova Scotia was already home to the Mi'kmaq people when French colonists and then later English, German and Scottish settlers arrived. Despite the diversity of the cultural heritage of Nova Scotia, much of the twentieth-century tourism efforts focus primarily on all things Scottish. You’ll have a ball of a time drinking to the New Year 2013 in a place as beautiful and culturally diverse as Nova Scotia.

Come explore Nova Scotia's rich cultural heritage and breathtaking scenery or the bustling city of Halifax. Nova Scotia is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, and has numerous bays and estuaries. It doesn’t matter where you choose to party, you’re never more than 67 km (42 mi) away from the ocean. Take a stroll to Nova Scotia’s museums and historic sites which offer a glimpse into Nova Scotia's cultural and geological history. After that you can discover the wonderful pubs and bars which are often European in style. Whatever you do, Nova Scotia will provide you with everything you need for your New Year’s Eve 2013.