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Drink to the New Year 2012/2013 in Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier is a city of approximately 24,000 people in South Australia. The city has beautiful scenery and wildlife to offer.  This is because of its interesting location mainly along the slopes and plains of a volcano. Several craters can be found in Mount Gambier of which one contains a huge lake that changes color throughout the seasons. This lake, known as the Blue Lake, is grey in the winter and then changes to a spectacular blue color in the summer. There is even a tour of the lake which can be booked. Make Mount Gambier with its scenic nature your New Year’s destination for 2012/2013.

There are tones of parks and gardens in Mount Gambier. And if you venture out of the city into the wildlife you can also explore some caves and sinkholes. Furthermore the rich, volcanic soil has created unusual flora and fauna, which will leave you astounded. But not only nature has blessed Mount Gambier. The city has variety of galleries, museums and markets, which are worth visiting. So choose this city for your New Year’s Eve 2012/2013 and you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking wildlife and a vibrating and cultural diverse city!