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New Year’s Eve in Toowoomba Australia in 2013/2014 – an invitation to the Garden City

About 130 km west of Brisbane, Queensland’s capital city, Toowoomba is located in the south-east of the province, and has a population of about 157,000, which makes it the second most populous city in inland Australia.  The city was founded back in 1816 and has a rich heritage which attracts great numbers of tourists for the New Year’s Eve in Toowoomba Australia in 2013/2014.

The city of Toowoomba is a yearly experience of colours and perfumes, thanks to its abundance of parks and gardens, which have earned it the name of Garden City.  History and heritage play another important part in the structure of the city. Architectural buildings, taking tourists spending the New Year’s Eve in Toowoomba Australia in 2013/2014 to long bygone times, include the City Hall, the first one to be built in Queensland, Russell Street, with many heritage-listed buildings, and the Empire Theatre, first opened to the public in 1911. Another thing that attracts tourists is Toowoomba’s rich culinary diversity, the city hosting a fine selection of dining opportunities.