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Ring in the New Year 2013 in Sunshine Coast (Caloundra)

The Sunshine Coast is an urban region in the Australian state of Queensland which is located about 100 kilometers from the state capital and consists of a number of towns including Caloundra with a population of approximately 95000 residents. Tourism plays an important role in this part of Australia and there are important tourist attractions such as Under Water World Marine Park, blue water kayak tours and Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo. There are also many beaches in the region including those in Caloundra like Kings Beach, Shelly Beach, etc. The scenic Beerwah/Glass House Mountains National Park are good for sightseeing and suitable for hiking, biking and wandering. The numerous museums like, for example, Queensland Air Museum also attract thousands of tourists each year. Welcome the New Year 2013 at the annual Caloundra Community New Year’s Eve Celebrations.

The annual Caloundra Community New Year’s Eve Celebrations are the most important events organized to welcome the New Year in the city of Caloundra. The celebrations are family-friendly and revelers are encouraged to bring family members. Events for children include clowns, side show, roving artists, those painting faces, rides, etc. For adults, events include sky divers, stunt plane, outdoor cinema, etc. Some of the events take place at Kings Beach Amphitheatre. There are two fireworks that will take place during celebrations, one at 9 pm and the other at midnight.