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New Year’s Eve in Darwin Australia in 2013/2014 – the fabulous city at Australia’s Top End

Once a small pioneer outpost, Darwin is now one of the trendiest cities in Australia and one of the most important ports in the north of the country. It is situated on the Timor Sea with a population of almost 130,000, being the capital city of the Northern Territory. With lots of sunny days and a warm tropical climate, it is a dream location for the New Year’s Eve in Darwin Australia in 2013/2014.

One of Australia’s most beloved cities, Darwin attracts great numbers of tourists every year with its exciting celebrations and festivals, bringing together people of different cultures and ethnicities. Popular attractions also include Aquascene, where tourists can feed by hand fish coming to the shore at high tide, Charles Darwin National Park, presenting the mangrove habitats of Darwin Harbour, and Cullen Bay Marina, with an impressive range of restaurants and souvenir shops. The New Year’s Eve in Darwin Australia in 2013/2014 also means relaxing on the white sand of the pristine beaches, enjoying the lively nightlife and the city’s great artistic performances.